AR evolution towards smart contact lens: A hit or a miss?

The capacity to see augmented and mixed reality content or to take photographs and recordings (or both) with Google Glass was an incredible thought. Be that as it may, everyone hated the geeky look of wearing everything that apparatus all over. Imagine a scenario in which everything was contracted and devised into a contact lens point of view application. There is a considerable measure of patents signed for the next smart contact lenses by various industry-driving organizations. This paper will begin with a concise survey of the past and ongoing progressions in AR and then center around the advancement and results from innovations intending to address critical issues related to these displays. The reason for this study is to envision the possibility of augmented reality in point of view application in the future contact lenses by understanding the evolution of current head mounted AR sets and the way people react to such a gadget and its useful implications. The findings are very important from a stand point of knowing where AR research is currently focused on and the smart contact lens application drawbacks and limitations. It is found from this study that there is a greater deal of the surrounding factors which needs to be dealt with to move forward with this argument to have a smart contact lens implemented in future. Will this be a hit with respect to usage for the common individuals of next generation, or be a miss like the Google glasses or other heads-up and head-mounted displays which did not flourish?