Information Architecture of a website
(Maryland Counseling Associates)

Project Description

In order to stay relevant and continue to attract customers, Maryland Counseling Associates LLC, a mental health services provider for children, adolescents, and families would like to overhaul its website ( The company is relatively new (less than a year) and it hasn’t really developed an online strategy for attracting more customers through their site. In order to consolidate its online presence and generate more leads and bring new potential customers, MCA needs a complete website redesign to outpace the competition. For this purpose, we will do an exhaustive research on the content, context and users of the website in order to design the information architecture that will guarantee stakeholders to accomplish their goals with our new design.

Redesigned Sitemap


Through the redevelopment of Maryland Counseling Associates, LLC’s website, it has been  determined that the site should be broken down into seven sections; Homepage, Services,  About Us, Testimonials, Blog, Contact Us, and Schedule Appointment. This will provide the  company the ability to expand on the services they provide and create a thorough introduction  to the practice as a whole. The original website did provide a simple and clean website with the  majority of the information a prospect might need, this new development will provide a larger  and a more comprehensive explanation of the practice.
The homepage will continue to be a snapshot of all the site’s information as it is currently but  will be expanded to display a summary of information from each section of the website. This  will allow the prospective client to see, at a quick glance, the information on the website. Once  the visitor finds a section they are interested in, they can dive deeper into that section. Through  each section, there will be a comprehensive amount of information that will detail aspects of  the business, the location, and the practice. This is essential so that the prospect will feel  comfortable in the space and with the practitioner they are working with. The “Contact Us”  page will ideally be used for new patients and general inquiries where “Schedule Appointment”  will be primarily for current clients to book an appointment ahead of time.
The overall flow of the website will allow the visitor to be reminded of other relevant topics on  the website that will push them to make a decision faster. The new sections about the practice,  counselors and expanded sections about the services Maryland Counseling Associates  provides will be a welcomed addition for visitors so that there is a clear understanding and  direction.

Wireframes for the new Sitemap