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About CinePass

Movie theaters have been fighting a losing battle to increase ticket sales. Statistics say that this is due to streaming companies taking more business now. With decreasing attendance for most movies, theatres are forced to contend with streaming services that offer the same content with minimal delay from release, at the consumer's convenience. Currently movie ticket sales are a declining business, with most ticketing services running on no profit that allow for a periodic subscription. This has forced theatres like AMC to start their own subscription services. It likely flags the finish of a wild, interesting moment in the moviegoing business, in which the seismic effect of ticketing services drove theater chains to start altering their plans of action to fight off a risk to their very own profits.

Ticket sales services only work on ad revenue and do not make profit. These services reduce the flow of revenue towards movie content creators hurting major Hollywood production companies and indie film makers as well. One does not need to be a financial expert to conclude that theater business is not a genuine moneymaker. The normal cost of a motion picture ticket in America is somewhat less than $9; in many significant metropolitan cities, it's a lot higher. The financial situation was certainly a mess in this business.

Regardless of whether good content creators will be around for long, ticketing process should undoubtedly be revolutionized by such a service provided to customers which will lure them to watch movies regularly. Individuals are less inclined to be annoyed for watching a film they did not like on the off chance that they paid almost nothing out of their pocket. On the other hand, younger audiences are ending up progressively inspired by streamed content accessible on their iPhones or tablets. Regardless they'll turn up at the multiplexes to watch the Avengers save the world or other movies, however despite a few huge blockbusters, the trend is moving from the huge to the small screen. There is a need for an increase in ticket sales and bringing more customers to experience movies in theaters using an e-commerce business model for ticketing – which we would call it cinePass™. A definitive goal is to have genuine brand reverberation gathering profound associations with audiences, theaters, and studios.

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